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Oyster Dinner With The Family

Oyster Dinner With the Family

By Caligula

Jeff was sitting in front of the television watching some boring show. Jeff's Aunt Therese and cousin Melissa had been invited over for dinner by his widowed mother, Patricia, and his thoughts kept straying to the scene he knew was playing out in the back yard. All three of the women were sunbathing themselves out in the back yard, in very skimpy bikinis. He felt guilty fantasizing about his near naked female relations yet still got a massive hard-on when trying to picture their tan, hard, squirming bodies. He finally got frustrated enough to go and sneak a peek at his unknowing family. He climbed the stairs to his mother's bedroom, the bedroom overlooking the backyard and cautiously looked out the window. He was relieved to see the three girls lying on their stomachs so that they couldn't see him staring. Jeff eagerly eyed up the sexy bodies, focusing on their round full asses, shapely legs and especially on the soft sexy soles of their feet. My goodness his foot-fetish was such a pain in the ass sometimes, especially since his mother, aunt and cousin had such beautiful feet. Jeff made a rash decision and hastily dropped his pants and underwear, gripping his rock hard shaft tightly. He started to pump as he first watched his mother's wiggling toes, then his aunt and cousin as they flexed their soles. Jeff glanced around the room and saw all of the women's clothes scattered about haphazardly, and his eyes focused on the shoes sitting in the corner. He picked up his cousin's slingback flats and looked down into the toe area where he could see the deep outline of her toes. He sniffed deeply and he could have sworn his cock grew another inch. He next picked up his aunt's high heels and did the same, this time also rubbing the soft leather up and down the underside of his prick. Finally he approached the holy grail of foot-fetish paraphanaelia...his mother's high-heeled sandals. His mother had owned these sandals for many years and the imprint of her foot was deeply and darkly embedded in the soft leather of the shoes. He could smell their sweet aroma while they were still several feet from his nose. These sandals had to be tied around his mother's feet with straps attached to the sides, and so when untied as they were, the area of the shoe where his mother's feet would sit was completely accessible to his nose...and tongue. He ran back to the window and went back to eyeing up his mother's feet, shoe and dick in hand. He started breathing more heavily and while his mother wrinkled her soles for him, he took a long lick of his mother's foot imprint in her shoe. Oh it tasted so good! He nearly orgasmed right there, knowing that he had just basically licked his mother's sole and now knew what it tasted like! He continued pumping as the three women flipped onto their backs and huge melon-like breasts popped into view, barely concealed behind the teeny-weeny bikini tops. Jeff's dog, Spot, took this sudden movement as a sign that the girls wanted to play. He ran up to the tanning women and jumped up, putting his paws all over his mother. She very irritably got up as the dog leaped up onto her once again. Spot was a rather large dog and Patricia easily held his paws in her hands. Jeff listened intently through the open window as his mother spoke to his aunt and cousin.
"Spot's about to get his first lesson in why he shouldn't jump up on people," said Pat with a smile. Aunt Therese and Melissa both looked up to see what Patricia was talking about. Jeff looked on in disbelief as his mother swung her leg back and then kicked Spot full force in his large dangling balls with the top of her bare foot. Jeff clutched his own balls in sympathy as Spot fell to the ground whimpering, well...like a dog. Jeff's continued to observe as first his aunt and cousin, followed shortly by his mother, started to laugh.
"Well I guess I don't have to get Spot fixed now!" announced Patricia proudly.
Melissa, who was laughing particularly hard said, "I can't believe you kicked him in the balls!"
"Well if Jeff doesn't keep his dog out of my way, I might just kick him in the balls!" laughed his mother.
At this comment by his mother, Jeff noticed that his cock involuntarily sprung to life once again. Could it be? Could it be that I'm turned on by my mother saying she would kick me in the balls? But that's sick! He looked down and saw his mother's shoe still clutched in his hand and knew he had to try it. He placed the toe of her shoe about a foot and a half away from his groin and tried to imagine his mother's foot laced up snugly with the straps, her wiggling toes peeking out over the edge of her sandal and pointed menacingly at his balls. His cock rose even higher and then realised what he must do.....he thrust the toe of the shoe directly into his nuts. Jeff doubled over with a squeal, dropping the shoe and falling to his knees, clutching his balls. In his mind he sounded mutch like Spot when his mother had kicked him. One thing he did notice, however, was that his dick was hard as a rock.

"Did you hear that?" asked Therese.
"It sounded like a yell or something," responded Patricia.
"I think you kicked Spot so hard in the balls that when he yelped there was an echo!" added Melissa with a wicked laugh.
After laughing with her neice, Pat looked quizically up at her open bedroom window. "Hmmm.....I wonder. I think we better go in and check on Jeff, and make sure he's not hurt. Be quiet though...I have a funny feeling about this."
The three women quietly got up and silently made there way into the house and up the stairs. What they saw shocked all three of them. There was Jeff, his eyes closed and laying on the floor clutching his balls with one hand and licking the inside of his mother's shoe. The licking was only interrupted by the occasional "oh my balls, you kicked my balls".
Jeff's fantasy was rudely ended by his mother's shout of rage. "Exactly what the fuck do you think you're doing in here! Why are you on my floor exposed, crying about your balls and licking the inside of my shoe! I suppose you were spying on us! This isn't the first time I noticed you watching me!"
Jeff immediately dropped the shoe and tried desperately to cover up his naked genitals. He stumbled red faced to his feet and stared down at the floor. As he went to pull his pants quickly up his mother stopped him.
"Oh no! You leave those pants down. After all, you got a look at us, maybe we want a look at you!"
"He looks kind of small down there, sis," laughed his Aunt Therese.
Melissa only looked on in shock, although she had a smile on her mean little face.
"I'm waiting for an answer, Jeff!"
Jeff continued staring at the floor.
Pat walked up to her son and slapped him hard across the face. "Let's start with the shoe, shall we? Why were you licking my shoe?!?"
"I have a foot fetish, " said Jeff quietly.
Melissa burst out laughing but was silenced by a stern look from her mother.
"I don't mind you having a foot fetish..." Jeff looked up at this, "but why MY shoes!"
"Don't tell me you like MY feet! Answer me! Do you fantasize about my feet?"
"Yes, " answered Jeff meekly.
"And you fantasize about Aunt Therese's feet and Melissa's too?"
"We'll get back to feet later. Now what's this about getting kicked in the balls? Don't tell me you like that too!"
Jeff was never so embarassed in his life as he was at this moment. He knew he had no choice but to answer. "Yeah, I think I like to be kicked...you know...there."
"And I suppose you think about all of us kicking you, huh?"
All three women started laughing now. The thought of a guy geting off on being kicked in the balls was hilarious to them. Jeff's mother tried to look stern again as she addressed her red-faced son. "Get out of my face this instant, and don't think I'm forgetting about what happened here tonight. We are definitely going to be discussing this!"
Jeff ran past the three girls as they laughed at his hasty departure.

Jeff's mother hardly spoke to him through the course of the next week, although he noticed that she took to walking around barefoot most of the time. All week long he was treated to sole shows as his mother washed dishes, or dangled her feet from the sofa as she slept or performed her yoga exercises, wiggling her toes. He was hard as a rock most of the time and yet his mother was always around, allowing him no chance to masturbate. He had the worst case of blue balls in his life. The funny thing was that she never did mention the episode from the week before and he was relieved to find she had forgotten the whole incident.
"Your Aunt Therese and cousin Melissa are coming for dinner tonight so I expect you to be on your best behavior, understand?" She made certain it was an order, not a question. "We're having a 'special' meal tonight." She smiled as she turned away.
Jeff mumbled a yes as he sulked off, dreading the upcoming dinner event. How could he face his aunt and cousin after what they knew about him? It was going to be a very long supper.

When his relatives finally showed up, his jaw dropped as he saw them. In opening the front door, he kept his eyes and gaze downcast because he was too embarassed to look them directly in the face. He was struck dumb, however, by the sight of their barefeet in high heeled sandals. He started to look up their long bare legs to the daisy duke type shorts they wore, and continued staring up their rock hard stomachs to their oversized breasts leaking out of the undersized bikini tops they wore. When he did finally meet their eyes, they were smiling at him, aware of how they were affecting him.
"Come in ladies!" shouted Patricia as she walked down the stairs. Jeff turned and was shocked again to see his mother dressed the same as the others, minus the shoes. She almost skipped, barefoot down the stairs. "Dinner is almost ready, but before that...are you all ready for your pedicures? I know I sure am!"
Jeff's heart beat furiously in his chest. It seemed they were purposely toying with the fact he had a foot fetish.
"Me first!" shouted his cousin as she leapt onto the sofa. His mother and aunt both sat in side chairs.
"Well, what are you waiting for?!? Get over there and give your cousin a pedicure!" yelled his aunt. Jeff looked quizically over to his mother and she nodded yes, while holding out various little nail files, oils and nail polish. Jeff sat at the end of the couch where his cousin Melissa dangled her pretty feet. Melissa roughly dropped her shoe-clad feet into his lap, narrowly missing his balls.
"Hahahaha! Did I kick your nuts?"
"No...you missed them, " Jeff whispered, quite humiliated by the whole situation. As he removed his cousin's sandals he started to get yet another erection. Melissa could feel his growing member through his shorts with her foot still in his lap.
"Eeewwww! He's getting all hard playing with my feet!"
The women all laughed and Jeff pushed Melissa'a feet out of his lap and onto the floor. He attempted to rise and salvage what little dignity he could but was stopped short by his mother. She grabbed his shoulders and brought her tan sexy knee up to within an inch of his groin. There was no mirth in her voice as she threatened her son. "You're being punished tonight for violating us last week. Now you get back down at your cousin's feet, where you belong, or as God is my witness that I gave birth to you, I'll crush your balls with my knee and you'll never be able to have kids...or another hard-on again!"
Jeff looked down from his mother's anger filled face, stopped briefly to admire her enormous breasts and finally settled his gaze on her lethal knee prepared to render him sterile. He looked to his favorite auntie for support, but she just sat in her chair, wiggling her foot from side to side with a smug smile on her face. He swallowed hard and looked back down to his mother's knee. "Alright, please don't use your knee on me." The smile returned to his mother's face and she slowly lowered her leg, returning to her seat. Jeff turned around and sat down, lifting up his cousin's feet once again. He spoke not another word but proceeded to start with the file and rub it on any slightly calloused spots on her lovely feet, and then used it on her toenails. The ladies, meanwhile, talked about their day. Jeff had never been so humiliated in his life as he applied the scented oils to his cousins feet, at first sloppily.
"You're not getting it right! Slow down and make sure you get it between my toes! Aunt Pat...he's not doing it right!" whined Melissa.
Jeff looked over to his mother and was about to complain when he saw her mean stare and her finger directing his eyes to her knee, which she jerked up sharply from her seat in warning. Jeff immediately shut up and made sure to be more careful in the application of the oil. He rubbed it delicately into her soft soles and toes, and then stuck his index finger, dripping with oil in between his cousins tiny toes, one by one. As the oil was drying on her sexy soles, he reached for the nail polish and prepared to paint her dainty toenails.
"Oh we forgot to tell you, " stated Melissa, "if you mess up the paint job, you're mom said I could kick you in the balls till they pop!" She laughed as he blushed, as all the women laughed.
"Yeah, and Melissa is very ticklish, so you better be careful. You'll be a eunuch!" chimed in his aunt.
Jeff nervously held one foot, while Melissa positioned the other foot so she could ram it into his balls should the need arise. Jeff noticed this and took a deep breath.
"Not scared, are you son?" asked his mom.
Jeff managed to somehow make it through without fucking up the paint job, much to his cousin's disappointment. She then wiggled her soles seductively in his face and commanded him to blow dry her nails with his breath. He breathed on her feet as his erection grew to painful proportions. How could he be so arroused and yet be so embarassed at the same time? He felt he had no dignity left at all. He managed to make it through his aunt and mother getting pedicures without screwing up and they all made there way into the dining room for dinner, Jeff bringing up the rear as his mother told him that was a man's place in life.
Melissa and her mother sat across from each other, while Jeff was positioned uncomfortably across from his mother. Jeff could hardly believe it when all three women propped their frshly pedicured feet on the table, soles facing him. He thought that maybe his punishment was that they were hoping his balls would just explode from being filled with too much cum! Oh his erection hurt! They knew exactly what they were doing to him. If he had been in shock up to this point...he was about to be horrified. His mother lifted the lid of the pot containing dinner with her nimble toes and exclaimed, "We're having goat nuts!"
Jeff felt sick at the site of dozens of testicles resting inside the ceramic pot but noticed that the three girls were licking their lips in anticipation. His mother ladeled out a couple dozen balls onto her plate and passed the pot around the table. After Melissa helped herself to some nuts, she passed it to her mother who offered some to Jeff.
"Balls, nephew?"
Jeff just sat there in complete disbelief as his Aunt Therese poured some roast testicles onto his plate.
"Well, dig in!" said Patricia. The women all started piercing balls with their forks and hungrily shoving them into their mouths. Jeff was having sympathy pains for the goats who had lost their goathood for the sake of this gory meal, and even so, he was still hard as a rock.
"These are fantastic," said Aunt Therese.
"Tastes like chicken," said Melissa in a not-so-funny joke.
"Do you know how many goats got castrated for this meal?" asked Patricia of nobody in particular. "The total meal is six dozen balls, and that's not including the stuffed scrotums here." She lifted another lid off another dish to reveal a dozen goat scrotums filled with deviled testicles, each one tied off neatly with what his mother said was a spermatic cord. Everyone eagely took a few but Jeff, who thought he was going to puke.
"How did you mash the testicles for these?" asked Therese.
"I was going to use a blender but thought it would be more fun to use my feet! I kept thinking of all those goats watching me squish their precious gonads under my stinky feet!"
Jeff couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was like he was in a dream and so didn't realize until too late that he nearly pushed his plate over the edge of the table. He managed to save the plate, but a couple of the testicles fell onto the floor and rolled up next to each other, as if they were seeking to hide together from the cruel women.
"Those nuts you just spilled onto the floor were very expensive and I expect you to eat them...off of the floor if necessary!" yelled Patricia to her son.
Jeff just stared dumbly down at the floor, imagining that it was his testicles on the ground.
"I've got something that will make them more palatable for Jeff," said Therese. She swung her feet down from the table and raised her right foot over the balls. "Watch closely, nephew!" And then she stomped down with the ball of her foot, splattering the testicles all over her sole. She then lifted her sole to within inches of Jeff's face and said, "Do you like your nuts crushed, Jeff? Lick!"
Jeff looked at the remains of the once proud testicles as they adhered to the bottom of his aunt's foot. He heard his mother tell him to get started and his cousin laughing. The part he couldn't believe, was that he actually did it. Here he was licking ball pulp from the sole of his aunt's freshly pedicured foot.
"That looks like fun!" shouted Melissa and she too dropped a few nuts on the floor and proceeded to dance on them with her feet. His mother, too, got into the act and did the Twist on a few balls. Before long, Jeff was on his knees licking nut paste off the feet of all the women. He didn't know if he'd ever be able to face his family again after tonight, the humiliation and embarassment would hit him harder in the light of dawn the next day. He was degrading himself like a dog and would be sorry tomorrow, he felt sure.
"What kind of wine does one drink with balls?" asked Aunt Therese.
"I didn't know if it was red or white so I got both!" said Patricia.
All three women then started in on the wine. Jeff was ordered to clean up the dishes and then join the women in the living room where they would finish his punishment. Jeff feared what would happen in the living room and so took his time washing the dishes. What more do they want to do to me? What more CAN they do to me? Oh shit, I am so fucked!
Jeff's plan to delay his punishment worked, but gave the women more time to drink more wine. They were definitely lit up from the alcohol, even his underage cousin, and too late Jeff realised his mistake. With their judgement impaired by alcohol, there was no telling how far they would carry this punishment thing! As he entered the living room he could hear their laughing voices and slurred speech. Man are they drunk!
"Did you shee his face when you showed him the nuts?" laughed auntie with a hiccougph.
"I couldn't believe you made him lick the nuts off your feet!" responded his mother.
"Fuckin balls tashte good, " slurred Melissa.
He stood there, watching his gorgeous family laugh about eating balls. His mother spotted him and put her drink on the coffee table. She swayed her hips seductively.
"Now for the final part of your punishment." Suddenly his mother ran towards him and kicked her bare leg out towards his crotch. She let out a loud 'Hyiah!' but stopped a couple inches short of his nutsack. Jeff lifted onto his toes and and squinched his eyes against the pain he thought would soon come. But when none came he opened his eyes to see his mother laughing at him. She then grabbed onto his shoulders as she had done earlier and faked several sexy knees to his groin. With each lift of her knee her son would raise up slightly and make little girl like squeals, most of which were hard to hear over the laughter of the women. Jeff kept backing up until his back was up against the wall and he had nowhere left to go. His mother then brought her knee up again, but this time with less force and gently tapped his nutsack. She held her knee there and jiggled it around slightly, moving his nuts around in his pants.
"I washn't going to actually make contact with your ballsh, but what the fuck, the wine is making me feel like humiliating you more!" She then backed up slightly and lifted her leg like a can-can dancer and nudged his balls with her red toenails, lifting them slightly. Still there was no pain for Jeff as he realized now that the purpose of this whole exercise was to degrade and embarass him, not actually to bust his balls. "So are you getting hard with your mother pretending to kick your balls, Jeff?" She took her foot and snaked it up the leg of his baggy shorts, probing for his erection. He could feel her toenails digging slightly into his balls, and then her foot began crawling further up his shorts as she alternately scrunched then flexed her foot. It was like a caterpillar crawling into his underwear. Her soft foot finally made full contact with his engorged member and she squeezed the head with her toes. Jeff moaned as if he really had just been kicked.
"Yep, fuckin still hard!" laughed Patricia.
"I can't believe you just stuck your foot into your own son's underwear!" said his Aunt Therese.
"I bet he got off on it, " added Melissa.
Indeed Jeff had gotten off on it. His mother quickly pulled her foot out of his shorts, but the sudden motion combined with her intoxicated state made her lose her balance. To keep herself from falling she placed the ball of her foot on Jeff's groin, unknowingly squishing his balls as she shifted from side to side. Jeff grabbed ahold of his mother's foot gently and stroked it lovingly as she unwittingly caused him a small amount of pain. Then she regained her balance and pulled her large foot out of her son's hand and stood back.
Next Jeff's cousin, Melissa, ran at him and faked several kicks to his ballbag, laughing all the while. And still the alcohol flowed. More and more wine was being consumed and the fake kicks were becoming sloppier and sloppier. The margin for error with each kick was smaller with each glass of wine. What had started out as leaving a few inches between the foot or knee and the boy's testicles was now reduced to scarcely a few centimeters. Then it happened, it was bound to happen. Jeff's Aunt Therese had put her high heel sandals back on and was eyeing up another fake kick to humiliate her nephew. She ran at him and misjudged the distance. As her foot flew up, Jeff could see too late that this one was for real. The toe of her sandal smashed into his balls, and actually lifted him off te ground slightly. When he came back down to earth, he crumpled like a rag doll at the feet of his aunt. All the women were stunned by what happened and the only sound breaking the silence was Jeff's whimpering in a high-pitched voice. Melissa started laughing first. What was it to her? It wasn't like it was her balls or anything. It was funny. Then her mother started laughing. After all, it wasn't her son. It was funny. Finally, Patricia herself started laughing. It really was funny. Patricia dropped to her son's side and placed her hand on his side, trying to comfort him through her laughter.
"Really Jeff, we never meant it to go this far...but the wine and everything." She laughed again. "You have to believe me when I say Aunt Therese was never supposed to actually kick you in the balls! We were just trying to teach you a lesson. It just...happened!" She was in tears now she was laughing so hard. Jeff just stayed on the floor, humiliated and felled by his aunt's swift kick to his nads.
"Yeah, Jeff, I'm real sorry!" laughed Therese. "I guess you got your wish!"
The women took up seats to wait for Jeff to recover from the blow, and to drink some more wine. Eventually Melissa and her mother fell asleep on the two side chairs, while Patricia fell asleep face down on the sofa, scrunched wrinkly bare soles facing up. When Jeff finally was able to stand on his own two feet again he noticed the sleeping women and admired their sexy forms. His cock sprung to life almost immediately when he imagined what he'd like to do with their bodies while they were sleeping. His breath caught in his throat when turned to see his mother lying face down, her ass cheeks exposed as they peeked out of the bottoms of the daisy duke shorts, and her bare soles calling to him like a beacon.
They're all passed out! I could get away with it and they'd never know. I'll never get another chance like this...not ever again! Jeff immediately dropped his shorts around his ankles and his cock swayed in the cool air. He grabbed hold of his dick and leaned over his mother's prone form. He shivered as the glans of his penis made soft contact with her slightly dirty sole. He rubbed his member up and down, reveling in the velvety feel of his mom's foot. He apparently tickled her a bit as she wiggled her toes a bit and flexed her sole slightly. It was almost as if she were giving him a footjob. As good as it felt, Jeff didn't have enough leverage and so made a bold decision to take hold of his mother's feet. He lifted them up off of the sofa and cupped her soles around his shaft. He continued to pump furiously and was so lost in ecstacy that he didn't notice his mother starting to come around from her groggy sleep. Just as he started to shoot his load, across his mother's soles and onto her ass cheeks, Patricia angrily flipped onto her back and kicked her son hard in the balls while he was still expelling his spunk. Jeff fell hard to the floor.
"Pervert!!! You fucking pervert!" she cried.
Jeff moaned in agony, cupping his nuts. Therese and Melissa awoke with all the screaming to see him lying on the ground with his mother standing there, cum on her leg.
"What happened?" asked Therese. The women hadn't been out for more than a half hour and the liquor was still seriously clouding their judgement.
"I fell ashleep, and when I woke up, the little pervert...my own shon...was masturbating using my feet! So I kicked him in the balls!"
"That's gross!" exclaimed Melissa.
"He came on his own mother?" asked Therese increduously.
"All over the bottoms of my feet and on my legs!" She kicked her son a few more times, trying for his crotch but only managing to hit his hands.
If only the women hadn't still been so liqoured up, things might have happened differently. But they were still piss drunk and so Jeff's fate was sealed with his mother's next words.
"I hope you enjoyed it, Jeff, because I'm going to see to it that you don't get these nasty urges about my feet ever again!" yelled Patricia. "I'm going to crush your balls just like I did with those goat nuts!"
"Can we help Aunt Pat?" asked Melissa with girlish enthusiasm.
"Yeah, we'll make a game out of it. We'll all take turns kicking his nuts and see who pops them! I go first. After all, I am his mother!" The three ball-busters put their high heeled sandals on and stood in front of Jeff. They propped him up against the wall and spread his legs. Then Patricia made her move. "I'm going to make it so you can never have kids!"
It was like the crack of thunder as her toe drove his balls into his body.
Aunt Therese walked up next. "I'll make you into a permanent soprano!"
Jeff moaned and cried, too weak to defend himself from the kicks. Melissa skipped up between her cousin's open legs. "Welcome to foot...balls!"
Melissa was ecstatic! "I did it! I popped one! Fuck yeah!"
Jeff's eyes were glazed over and a long high pitched, yet very soft wail escaped his lips. Patricia knelt down and felt her son's scrotum. "Yep...you got one! I want the other one. Help me with him." The women dragged Jeff over to the coffee table, and while Melissa and Therese held him in place, Patricia jumped up on the table and placed Jeff's remaining nut in easy reach. She slipped off her shoes and placed her bare heel over Jeff's ball, then slapped him repeatedly in the face until he was semi aware of what was going on. He was horrified to see what his own mother was about to do to his last testicle.
"Please, Mom, no."
"You should have thought of that before you jerked off on my feet, you pervert! I'll bet you never thought my feet could do this!"
And with that she stomped down hard on his ball with her bare heel, the same heel that had just brought him to orgasm not fifteen minutes ago. Aunt Therese and Melissa looked on with smiling faces as Jeff's mom did the Twist for the second time that day on a ball.
"Twist and shout....." Therese and Melissa sang while Patsy did her dance, grinding away on her son's gonad. Finally she stood on one leg and felt Jeff's nut squish under her heel.
And Patricia actually orgasmed, orgasmed from popping her own son's nut. Knowing she was about to take away her son's manhood was too much for her and her juices exploded down her leg, mixing with her son's last cum. She dug her heel around a bit more, making sure nothing but mush was left in his sack. Satisfied, she stepped off the table and looked at her sister and neice.
"He has no more balls, " she stated matter-of-factly.
"That was intense, " said Therese.
"I actually popped his nut!" said Melissa, still delighting in her own small victory over manhood.
Suddenly Spot came bounding into the room and jumped up onto Patricia as he had done the week before. She looked down crossly at Jeff's dog, then looked over to Therese and Melissa, who were smiling at her. Patricia smiled back and looked back down at Spot, holding his paws tightly in her hands, and kicked him with all the force she could muster in his dog balls. Spot yelped and fell down next to Jeff, both of them now sterile.
Pat smiled to her sister and neice. "Anyone care to try fried dog nuts and deviled boy balls? I'll go get my scissors!" The women all licked their lips.

The End

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