Saturday, March 24, 2007

Snip Snip story preview...

The following is a sample from a much longer story that I wrote some time ago. I'm willing to trade the entire story, which is quite graphic and quite long for another new original family ball-busting story. (mom/son, brother/sister, etc) The story submitted MUST be original and family oriented and new. Please do not send me someone else's work. Looking for stories of similar length as to what I wrote in my postings below (Mom's Ball-Busting Videos Inc and Paying My Sister Part 2) paragraph long submissions will be ignored I'm afraid. Email submissions to:

I know this hasn't been popular in the past for me to ask for trades but I don't see the types of stores I like to read very often and this is my way of building up a database of stories for a future website similar to the one I operated in the past. I look forward to reading your stories!!!!!

.......The next day was Saturday, and the family was enjoying a day in the backyard. Felice was sunning herself on a lawn chair, her sunglasses covering her closed eyes. Of a sudden she heard a pause in the normal commotion of her children’s antics followed by stifled giggles and a squeak and soft moan. She opened her eyes and took in the activity happening not more than 20 feet from her, being careful not to let her children know she had opened her eyes or was aware of their mischief. (she had her sunglasses on and her eyes were shielded from view)

Jeff was standing bent over with his hands trying to cover his crotch but Katie holding his arms from behind and preventing him from doing so, his eyes looking pleadingly for his mother to awaken and intervene. Sabrina stood in front of him also watching their mother for some sign of movement. Felice scanned down Sabrina’s body to her feet to see she was wearing firm jogging shoes, as was Katie. Ouch! That must have hurt, thought Felice. It was obvious that Sabrina had just initiated Jeff into the pain of being kicked in the balls, and now all eyes were looking in her direction to see if she would get involved. She decided to pretend to still be asleep and see where things would go.

Sabrina turned back to her brother and let loose with another kick to Jeff’s balls. She got him dead on with the toe of her jogger and he fell to the ground. Now Katie stepped over her brother’s prostate form and launched a kick to his nuts, scoring a direct hit. The girls now alternated kicking Jeff in his balls and only stopped when he vomited on the ground. They both looked at each other and said in unison, “Gross!” and went back to kicking his nuts over and over and over again. Jeff wasn’t even moving anymore but just lay there, accepting the kicks as if his body were a lifeless sack of sand.

Felice made a mental note to tell her daughters to go easy on their brother’s balls in future but for right now just watched in contentment as her children all played together.

Eventually, after about 20 minutes of kicking Jeff nonstop in the balls, the girls tired of the ballgame and ran happily into the house to enjoy the air conditioning and talk to each other about how fun it was to bust their brother’s balls. Felice waited a good 10 minutes before getting out of her seat and walking over to her son. He was breathing regularly and so she left him there, his face resting in his own puke, and she walked away with her flip-flops slapping the bottoms of her feet and also went inside the house........

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