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Paying My Sister - Part 2

Paying My Sister - Part 2

By Caligula

Jeff was sleeping peacefully in the early morning hours, the morning after he had first propositioned his sister to kick his balls for money. He was sleeping so soundly he didn't hear his slightly older twin sister, Melissa, enter the room. She padded quickly across the room in her barefeet and ever so slowly and quietly climbed up into her brother's bed. She smiled to herself, seeing that he didn't awaken, and placed her smelly barefeet gently on Jeff's nose. Since he slept without blankets, Melissa could see every bit of her brother's body. She noticed that as Jeff was inhaling the salty odor of her feet, his dick was growing to enormous proportions. What a fucking perv, she thought, to be getting an erection from smelling stinky feet! I know how to get rid of that erection! Melissa plucked Jeff's nuggets from within his boxers and held them in her open palm. Time to give Jeff a hand. Melissa then swung her hands together in an attempt to clap, but only a muffled smacking sound came from within her tight grasp. I'm making peanut butter!!! Jeff's body bolted into an upright position and his mouth hung open in shock and pain. It didn't take him long to realize what had happened, although he was having a hard time seeing his sister's pretty face clearly through his tearing eyes.
"Good morning, Jeff, " said Melissa with a sadistic grin. She still hadn't released his sack and was grinding his ballmeat in her cruel grip, rolling his twin orbs around roughly.
Jeff spoke in ragged gasps. "'re my...uuuhhhhh...uuhhh...balls!" He gritted his teeth against the pain.
Melissa spoke casually while she mangled his nuts. "Surely I'm not crushing them. I mean I'd have to squeeze alot harder to actually crush your balls, ya know? I wonder how hard I'd have to squeeze?" Suddenly she let go of his tender nuggets and sat facing him, looking into his tortured eyes.
"I think I should call you 'ball-breaker' or 'nut-cracker' from now on instead of sister." Jeff winced and rubbed his sore testicles.
"That was a freebie you just got so enjoy it. I'm going out shopping but will be back later with some new employees."
"What do you mean, new employees?"
"I'm hiring on some new legs and feet for my new company, Ball-Busters, Incorporated. I'll need some money to pay my new employees and a finder's fee for myself...say $500?"
"$500!?! That's crazy!"
"Trust me, it'll be worth it."
Jeff eased himself off the bed and limped to his stash of money. He grudgingly removed the large sum of cash from the box and handed it into his sister's greedy...and deadly...hands. "What are you going to do?"
"You'll see." And with that she skipped gaily out of his room and he assumed she went out to the mall to spend his hard earned money.

Melissa did indeed go to the mall. She had prearranged to meet her two best friends at the shoe store and after buying a few pairs of expensive shoes, they all went to eat lunch at a mall fast food restaurant. Melissa's two best friends were Cara and Nicole. Cara was a dark haired
Mexican beauty. She had lovely curvacious legs and a large chest. She was wearing a pair of open-toed high-heeled sandals, short black skirt and tight black tube top. Nicole was sort of the school bully and was a tall lanky blonde. Her hair cascaded around her face and she had sharp looking knees. She wore a pair of pointy slingback flats, short-short mini skirt and low cut blouse. All three girls were of course spoiled.
"You want us to kick your brother in the balls?" asked Cara increduously.
"Not me, him! I have $100 apiece for you. And all you have to do is kick him in the nuts. Easy money."
"I say let's rack him!" cheered Nicole. "I love kicking guys in the balls. Maybe we'll get lucky and castrate him!"
"Ha! My poor brother is gonna be sorry he ever paid me to squish his goolies."
"When do we do this? Can we have the $100 now?" asked Nicole.
"Well my Mom is going to work late today and by the time we get there she should be gone. That'll be the perfect time. He'll be SO surprised! I'm telling you we can make alot of money doing this."
"I don't know. I'd feel funny kicking your brother in the groin. I mean Jeff is so nice to us all the time," said Cara. Cara was definitely the shy one in the group of friends.
"Who cares if he's nice," chimed in Nicole, "he's got balls that need kicking and nuts that need cracking, and my feet and knees are perfect for the job!"
"He really wants this, Cara. He'll be so embarassed I told you both, but he gets off on the humiliation so this'll be great. What do you all say?"
"I'm in!" shouted Nicole.
"Well...I guess I'm in too," said Cara, although her lips turned up in a bit of a smile.

Jeff's morning passed uneventfully after his sister left for the mall. He was walking around funny again due to her playful hands and his mother made a few laughing remarks about how she couldn't believe he was still smarting from Melissa's kick the day before. Jeff just blushed in embarassment. His mother was running around like a bat out of hell since she was already running a few hours late to work. She hurriedly put on her make-up and threw on a pair of skin-tight jeans with her white blouse.
"Jeff! Come on down and help me get my heels on!" she called from the kitchen.
Jeff came stumbly as quickly as he could down the stairs. He entered the kitched and saw his mother sitting in a chair, her sexy legs crossed at the knee. His eyes travelled down her bluejeans covered gams and he noticed why she needed help getting her shoes on...she was barefoot and she wanted to wear the heels that his sister Melissa had just bought. Since his mother's feet were slightly larger than Melissa's, her barefeet wouldn't slide in easily. His gaze went from the shoes she was holding back to her feet. He never really checked out his mother's feet in detail before and as he knelt before her he took full advantage of the opportunity. She lifted her left foot out to him and he took it in his hand like it was a holy relic. Her toenails were unpainted yet seemed to shine in the light from the overhead halogen fixture. They were perfectly filed and smooth at the edges, and each of her five toenails on that foot seemed to sparkle like diamonds to him. He had to fight hard the urge to lick those toenails. He looked past her toenails now, to the top of her foot, and admired how fair her skin was as it continued on up into her jeans. And he noticed from holding her foot how soft her soles were.....not a callous or rough spot anywhere.
He was brought back to reality by his mother shoving his sister's high heel under his nose. "Here, put the left on first," she said.
Jeff first tried to push the shoe onto his mother's pointing foot, but that didn't work. He then tried pulling her foot into the shoe, which didn't work either. He noticed that he was getting hard, handling his mother's feet in this manner and wondered if Prince Charming had a foot fetish and that's why he traveled the kingdom trying glass slippers on women's tootsies.
"I am determined to wear these shoes to work today! I won't be beaten by a pair of fucking shoes! What else can we try?" asked Mom.
Jeff thought about it for a few seconds and came up with a way to get his mother's shoe on. He placed her shoe on his lap, and gently inserted her foot into the shoe as far as it would go. "Alright, Mom, push real hard while I hold the shoe." Jeff grabbed the edges of the shoe and braced himself for when his mother transferred her weight into his lap. He noticed his mother close her eyes and grit her teeth as she pushed with all her might. He also noticed, however, that the shoe was moving slowly forward...moving centimeter by centimeter towards his groin. He twitched slightly as the pointy toe made contact with his scrotum and started digging into his nutflesh. He too was now gritting his teeth, yet his was to try and withstand the pain his mother was innocently causing him with her foot. Suddenly her foot rammed into the shoe with a loud 'SCHPLUNK!' and she then used her son's nutsack as a springboard to 'push off' of his lap. She finally opened her eyes and smiled at her son, unawares of the extreme pain she had just caused him.
"Ready for the other shoe?" she asked innocently.
"NO! I mean...uh...I think I know an easier way." Although Jeff loved getting his balls busted, and even was somewhat aroused by his mother squashing the family jewels, he he didn't think he could take that pain again so soon. He stood up, facing his mother and held the other shoe in front of him, away from his groin. "Slip your foot in like this, I'll have better leverage and it'll go in easier I think."
His mom pushed hard with her foot but only succeeded in knocking Jeff to the floor with the force of her leg. "Ooops! Hahaha! Knocked ya right on your ass, hon!" laughed Mom.
Jeff smiled and braced himself for the next attempt by leaning with his back against the kitchen wall. His mother layed into the last shoe for all she was worth, shoving her foot mercilessly into its tight confines. Grinding and twisting, twisting and grinding. SCHPLUNK!!! Her foot rammed into the shoe, but Jeff's hands slipped and his mother's high-heel clad foot slammed directly into balls, pinning him to the wall by his nuts.
"AArrrgghhhhh!!!!!" yelled Jeff as his mother brought her hands to her open mouth in shock at what she had just done to her son. She was so surprised that she didn't even notice at first that the sole of the shoe was still planted firmly in his groin and her leg was fully flexed and extended, so she was really crushing his ballmeat.
At this point the backdoor opened and Melissa walked in with Cara and Nicole. All three girls stood there
smiling at the situation. Again Jeff's mother had forgotten to release his nuts as she was distracted by her daughter and friends entering the house.
"Mom," said Melissa, "why are you trying to pop Jeff's balls?" All the girls were laughing now.
"Ohhh!!!" cried Mom. She finally pulled her leg back and Jeff dropped to floor with a loud moan. "I'm so sorry, Jeff! I can't believe I just kicked you in the balls! Oh my God! Oh my God! Are you alright?" She knelt down next to him but didn't get much more of a response than a slight nod of his head. "I didn't pop a ball, did I? I'd feel so guilty popping a ball! I mean actually popping your ball with my foot would be just horrible and so painful for you. Just a little kick and POP, you'd have no more balls! Oh are you sure you're alright?"
Jeff was flushed with embarassment as his mother was talking about the popping of his balls, especially in front of his sister and her two best friends. Melissa was still laughing. "Don't worry, Mom, you have to get to work. Me, Cara and Nicole will make sure he's okay."
"Are you sure you don't mind, Melissa? I kicked him pretty hard in the balls, after all."
"We don't mind at all, do we girls?" Nicole and Cara both nodded that they would be glad to assist Jeff in the nursing of his balls.
"Well, if you'll make sure I didn't do any permanent damage then maybe I will just leave. I'm already so late!" As their mother was walking out the door she turned with just the tiniest bit of a sadistic grin and said, "Yesterday he played football with he played football with ME!"
Their mother then walked out with a slamming of the door. Melissa looked down, smiling at her injured brother and motioned for Cara and Nicole to come forward. "Let's help my brother out and check to see if my Mom 'popped' his nuts."
The three Cara and Nicole each grabbed an arm while Melissa took hold of her brother's legs. Together, they managed to half carry, half drag Jeff into the living room. They didn't have an easy time of it as he was curled in the fetal position, so Melissa kicked him repeatedly in the ass to get him to straighten his legs as they all staggered into the next room. "Wait here with Jeff while I get something from upstairs," said Melissa. She skipped up the stairs and disappeared while the two sexy young women stared down at Jeff's prone form. Nicole, being the bolder and meaner of the two, kept nudging him in the side with the toe of her shoe. Melissa came back down brandishing two pairs of her mother's pantyhose and grinning wickedly.
"Pick my brother up, gals."
"What are the pantyhose for, Melissa?" asked Cara.
"I'll show you in a sec...but boy do they smell!"
Cara and Nicole managed to get Jeff into an upright, standing position. Melissa sexily walked up to her brother, stuffed one pair of her mother's stinky panyhose into his mouth and dropped to her knees before him. She undid the button and zipper of his pants and dropped his trousers, followed by his underwear, around his ankles. She giggled at the sight of his testicles. "Look how swollen and purple his balls are!" Melissa prodded his tender nuggets with her index finger and listened with amusement to her brother's muffled 'Oomph!'. Nicole and Cara leaned Jeff back onto the sofa so they could also examine their first pair of naked balls close up. Nicole was eager to grab hold of Jeff's nuts and squeeze and roll them about in her hand. Jeff smiled shyly. He was enjoying this immensely yet was also embarassed as all hell. He couldn't believe his sister had told her two best friends...classmates of his! It was all very exciting to him and his penis started to become erect with the humiliation and pain, not to mention his sucking the smell and taste out of his mother's freshly used pantyhose. After Nicole had released his balls, Cara rather timidly took hold of his left nut and repeatedly squeezed and pumped it within her timid grasp.
"Are they usually this purple color?" asked Cara.
"Only after they've been kicked!" laughed Melissa. "Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?"
"Yeah, are we gonna kick his balls, or what?" queried Nicole eagerly.
Jeff's eyes got bigger at hearing this. Oh shit! I can't believe this is really happening! This is gonna be great! All three of these girls are gonna kick me in the nuts? Jeff looked from the pretty faces surrounding him on the sofa to their feet. He noticed his sister had kicked off her shoes and was now in her barefeet. Man I love her feet. And oh fuck! Look at those pointy shoes Nicole is wearing. She is DEFINATELY a ball-buster! Too bad Cara's so shy about this cause her latino feet look so delicious. I would LOVE to have her Mexican toes smushing my balls.
"Look! He's obviously up for it!" Melissa chortled in a very unladylike fashion as she pointed at her brother's erect shaft. She swatted the tip with her hand and she knew it stung by Jeff's facial expression. "Get him up again."
Jeff needed less help this time as he was very enthusiastic about getting busted by these three gorgeous gals. Melissa used the second pair of pantyhose she brought down to securely tie his dick in an upright keep it out of the way, she said.
"Watch this!" said Melissa as she strode confidently up to her brother's quivering body. She didn't even bother to look him in the eyes and instead concentrated and watching her knee make contact with his balls. She smiled triumphantly as she jammed her knee up hard into his orbs, and delighted in watching the most delicate part of his outer anatomy almost turn to mush because of her pretty leg. Yet even more intoxicating for her was showing off to her two friends the power she had over her say, 'See that! I just kicked my own brother in the balls!'. Jeff was not thinking the same thing as the only thought going through his mind was...PAIN. He was of course bent at the waist and managed only some muffled groans through his gag of pantyhose.
Nicole yelled, "Yeah! Girlpower!" while Cara only smiled sheepishly. "That looked so cool! I gotta try it!" Nicole stepped forward and straightened Jeff out by pushing his stooped shoulders upwards. "Stand up now so I can smash your ballies," she chided him. Nicole stepped back and swung her hips sideways. She made a grimace as she put all the strength and weight she could muster into a front snap kick. The horribly pointed toe of her simple flat shoe smacked his nuts loudly, but was soon silenced by the laughter of the girls and Jeff's 'thud' as he hit the floor. Nicole especially seemed to be aglow with this new found power. "That was fun! I can't believe how fun it was!" She dropped to her knees next to Jeff, giggling and laughing merrily. "What's the matter, hun? That didn't hurt, did it?" She pouted her lips at him and kept shaking him when he wouldn't answer. She tried prying his hands away from his groin and shoved repeatedly at his testicles with her own hands, giddy with power. "Honey!!! What's wrong?" she teased.
"What are you trying to hit on my brother just cause he'll let you kick him in the balls? What's with the honey crap?" asked Melissa incredulously.
Nicole smiled back down at Jeff and nudged him with her foot. "He's my honey....." was all she could manage.
Melissa looked now at Cara, who was being more quiet than usual. "Well...are you gonna take a turn or what? If not, give me the $100 back."
Cara looked from Jeff's quivering body to Melissa's greedy little face. "But he looks so hurt already. Are you sure he can take it?"
"Who cares," responded Melissa, "but we'll ask him. Jeff, can you take another kick?"
Jeff weakly nodded his head as he sucked the foot stink from his mother's nylons. He even managed to get to his knees, but that was as far as he was going without assistance. Melissa and Nicole none to kindly lifted him up and held him tightly under the arms. "Go for it, Cara."
Cara first thought to use her foot and kick him, but was worried about causing too much damage so opted for a kinder punishment. She got up close to Jeff and said very quietly, "I think I'll use my knee." Jeff flushed with embarassment but managed to spread his legs to let Cara know he approved of the idea.
"Scramble his eggs, Cara!" shouted Nicole.
"Bust my brother's balls!" agreed Melissa.
Cara took her own sweet, timid shy time. She grabbed onto Jeff's shoulders, as she had seen done in countless movies right before some guy got his nuts cracked. She then slowly raised her knee till her tan, Mexican flesh made gentle contact with the tight oversized package of nutmeat that hung freely between his legs. She jiggled her knee a bit and giggled because she could see Jeff's oversized cajones squishing around in his scrotum. She maneurved her knee so she could press his balls against his pubic bone and applied more and more pressure, delighting in Jeff's muffled whimpers. She wondered if all guys nuts hung this low and started tapping, almost bouncing his balls off her knee. She imagined herself playing soccer and knew this would be great practice.
"Are you going to kick him or play with him all day?" asked Melissa.
"I'm ready, " said Cara. She looked Jeff in the eyes and brought her leg back. She then thought to tease him a bit further. She pulled the nylons from his mouth and planted a deep kiss on his lips as she swung her powerful knee forward.
Jeff's mouth opened in a silent scream and his tongue protruded from his mouth, into Cara's mouth. Cara loved it! Never had she been french-kissed so incredibly before. She again rammed her sexy knee into Jeff's balls and his probing tongue more frantically twitched and spasmed. Eventually his tongue started to slow down. Bastard's stopping! God his tongue is talented! I know what to do! Cara forgot how scared she was and once again thrust her leg between the legs of her half-willing half-unwilling partner. What she found is that with each and every knee, Jeff's tongue renewed its near-orgasmic pleasuring of her mouth. Orgasm.....hmmm.....
"Damn, Cara! You're gonna fix him!" laughed Nicole.
"I bet my brother never counted on this when he hired me!"
"Oh you too can't believe how much magic his tongue worked every time I kneed him!" exclaimed Cara. "It was so incredible!"
The girls finally let Jeff go and he fell to the floor, crying like a baby. "no more...please, no more. Not right now."
Melissa knelt down next to her naked brother, touching him lightly on the thigh. "Oh no, Jeff. It's now or never. If you don't let my friends have their fun, I'll never kick you in the balls again!"
Jeff fought his primal urges. I can't take anymore! I just can't handle any more pain. But they're all so beautiful! If they never kick me again, I don't think I could take it. My nuts would explode from going crazy thinking about them! He looked to where the three girls sat on the sofa. They had all removed their shoes and rested their pretty feet on the coffee table, their cute soles dangled just slightly over the edge. As they wiggled their toes and wrinkled the undersides of their soft feet, he knew he would give them whatever they asked for. "Okay, " he managed to whisper with a lustful groan.
"I want to try something, " said Melissa. "Get on all fours, like a donkey."
"Don't you mean ass, " said Nicole cruelly.
Jeff did as his sister told him, and got on his hands and knees.
"That won't work...hmmm..." She positioned her brother so that he was on his knees, torso up in the air, and his legs spread wide. His nuts were hanging very low and were easily accessed from either front or back. "Get behind him and sit on the floor, Nicole."
Nicole sat on the floor behind Jeff, her toes touching Melissa's, who was sitting on the floor in front of Jeff. Both feet rested directly under his groin. "How about a game of ping pong?" asked Melissa.
Melissa used the ball of her foot to smack her brother's balls...hard.
They flew back towards Nicole. As they swung back in her direction, Melissa took another kick at the ping pong balls with her paddle.
Nicole now saw how to play and didn't miss this time as the balls flew in her direction. She too used the ball of her foot to 'whack' the ball back into play.
Jeff gritted his teeth against the dull pain building in his stomach and groin.
He looked into his sister's glowing, radiant eyes. She of course didn't pay him any attention as her gaze was directed down towards his crotch and his swelling nutsack.
Jeff was becoming unsteady now and was beginning to swat slightly from side to side thus making each blow struck him more and more of a challenge to the contestants.
"Hey, he's moving!" shouted Nicole in frustration.
"I know, " laughed Melissa, "Stand still!"
And then suddenly Melissa missed the ball as it flew in her direction.
"Shit! You made me miss with all that squirming about asshole!" And with that she lifted her foot directly up and mashed his balls into his pelvis with her instep. Jeff let out a yell and fell over clutching his balls.
Nicole jumped up and did leaps into the air shouting, "I win! I win! You lost!" She pointed at Melissa as she said this.
Melissa looked at her brother and started laughing. "He's the one that lost."
When Nicole and Melissa both looked over to Cara, they noticed she had removed all of her clothes.
"Whoa!" said Melissa, "I thought you were the shy one!"
Cara looked eagerly to Jeff's mouth and knew his tongue was in there, just waiting for the proper stimulation to turn into the wild creature she knew it for. "Now I want to try something. You know when I said his tongue was incredible?"
Nicole caught on right away. "Oh man! Now that really sounds like fun!"
Cara pushed Jeff onto his back and lowered her already dripping pussy onto his face, right over his tongue. Nicole and Melissa took the pairs of pantyhose they had brought from upstairs and tied him spreadeagle to various fixed positions nearby.
"Kick him in the balls, please, " asked Cara innocently. She sounded as if she were asking someone to pass the salt. Jeff loved it.
Melissa wasted no time in ramming her bare foot into her brother's groin. Immediately the effect was noticeable as Cara's face lit up in ecstacy. "Oh fuck! His tongue! More...kick more!"
Nicole ran forward this time and kicked Jeff hard between the legs, also barefoot. Cara squealed with delight as Jeff's tongue worked feverishly inside her. His screams of agony vibrated through her as her two friends, one of them Jeff's own sister, took turns kicking him in the balls. After about the tenth kick, delivered by Melissa, Cara yelled out as she had an orgasm. She lazily rolled off of Jeff's cum and tear soaked face and lay on the floor next to him breathing contentedly. Nicole wasted no time and was already stripping her clothes off. "That looks too good to pass up!"
She then lowered herself onto Jeff's face. "Open wide, honey. Ladies....."
Melissa and Cara went to town on jeff's balls, although kicking alone wasn't seeming to give him the proper motivation to keep his tongue going so the started dropping on one knee, directly onto his nuts. It took twice as long, but eventually Nicole screamed in ecstacy and joy.
"I don't see why I shouldn't get some use out of this...after all, he's my brother, " said Melissa as she stripped off her clothes as well now. Even through teary eyes and blurry vision, Jeff noticed the three naked gorgeous girls standing seductively between his legs. His sister used her soft sole to rub his penis into life and he became erect as she manipulated his dick with her delicate toes. She then walked up his torso, did a turn before reaching his face, and then slowly...very slowly, inched her pussy onto his mouth. She noticed that his tongue was already sticking out in anticipation...or was that appreciation...of her cunt.
"Kick his balls into oblivion, girls!" she yelled.
Nicole and Cara needed no other encouragement as they knew exactly how it felt to have Jeff's tongue inside them as his balls were kicked into mush. Melissa became flushed and rode her brother's face, rubbing back and forth, oozing cum and juices into his mouth. In return his tongue snaked its way around inside her, lapping eagerly. What had started out as a way to get kicked in the balls, and was for his enjoyment only, was now solely for the purpose of his sister and her friends to get off. They wouldn't stop now if he begged them to. Unfortunately for Jeff, his tongue was becoming sore and it started to slow down. Even the kicks and knees of Nicole and Cara weren't enough to keep him going. Melissa waved her friends away and instead took her brother's swollen nuts in her right hand, closing her left hand over that. Her breathing became more ragged as she applied as much pressure as she could manage on his package. Nicole and Cara fingered each other watching their friend bursting her brother's plums while riding his face to paradise. Jeff's body started to buck with the pain yet there was no escape. Suddenly one of his testicles slid free of her grasp, but now all her force was exerted on the one nut left in her hands. It didn't stand a chance.
Melissa saw her two friends orgasm as they knew she had actually just exploded her brother's ball.
"Did you hear it? " asked Nicole, "you could actually hear it pop! I've never cum so hard in my life!"
"I know, me too!" responded Cara.
Yet Melissa had apparently not orgasmed yet. She was one tight-twatted little bitch. Yet she noticed that when she popped her brother's nut that almost...she had almost had an orgasm. Maybe it was the fact that his tongue went into overdrive on her pussy, maybe it was the power she felt actually stealing away a manhood, but she knew she had one more chance for orgasm and she had to act quickly while Jeff was still concsious. She changed positions and adopted the '69' position, with her brother's face in her pussy, and her face over his genitals. She sucked his remaining ball into her mouth and placed it between her back molars. Suddenly she bit down on his ball, and with a muffled 'pop' she changed...or ended...her brother's sex life forever. His final thrashings were at last what she needed to orgasm...her first orgasm ever. She spit Jeff's now empty ballbag out of her mouth and lay on the floor next to the other girls. Jeff was unconscious as the women all examined his empty sac and laughed about how he wasn't much of a man anyway. They made up a story about Jeff trying to show them all how much tougher boys were than girls, and of course an accident resulted and Jeff's nuts were accidentally destroyed. Jeff went along with the story...what point was their to telling the truth. It wouldn't have gone down well with his mother for him to tell the truth and say he paid his sister for sexual favors...and what the heck, he was still able to get hormone treatments and have sex they said, and his sister promised to let him lick and play with her feet.......for a price.

The End

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