Monday, April 7, 2014

Misery Loves Company - a story for trade

Hi there again. Five updates from me in a week after no updates for five years? And two new stories now to boot? Crazy, huh? Well I'm back with another story, a short excerpt of which is attached below. It involves a woman with terrible migraine problems, and the lengths she'll go to in order to get some peace and quiet in her household. My other new story, "From Theory To Practice" is still available for trade as well. See further below in my blog for the details and excerpt. I've attached two images to show you the two women that inspired the mother and sister characters in this tale. 

Please also see the details regarding my trade requirements: The actual story is quite long and this is just a short sample I'm posting below. I'm only interested in story trades for the full version that involve mother/son or brother/sister ball busting (or both). Most of what I see being written in the past 6 months seems to be male/male ball busting, and it's just not my thing, and this is my way of trying to get stories that interest me. I've seen everything posted out there on the net, as I've been at this a long long time, so new original stories only. (I reserve the right to refuse any trades for plagiarism, old stories already on the net, no effort, etc...guess what I'm saying is don't send me a paragraph or two and call it a story and expect my full story in trade, or try to send me some old story from Number 2's website or any of the other sites out there and change the names of the characters and try to pass it off as new.) Please email story submissions or questions to and I look forward to reading some stories!

Misery Loves Company a.k.a. A Cure For The Common Migraine

"Shhhh! Better not wake Mom, Jackie...if she still has her headache you know what she'll do to you," she said coyly.

Jack froze, holding his breath while listening for their mom. sound from the living room.

"Whatever. I'm not going to fight with you. I know what happened the other day you did on purpose. It's not fair. You started that fight and I'm the one that got kicked."

"Hey I got punished too. I got sent to my room for the night."

"It's not even close to being on the same level. I got kicked in my BALLS!" Jack's voice started to rise in level.

"Don't raise your voice Jackie...Mom might hear you, and she'll kick your balls again," she teased. "Listen, your right. I did it on purpose, but felt bad about it afterwards. You're my big brother. I don't want to see your balls kicked by Mom every day."

"Yeah, right," he said, not entirely believing her.

"That's why I wore this special top, just for you." Nikki tugged her top down again, revealing as much delicious cleavage as she could without revealing nipple. Despite what she was about to do to her brother he didn't deserve THAT much.

Jack looked down at the two bouncy globes that were peeking out over the top of his sister's oh so revealing shirt. He had to admit to himself that he DID sneak into the bathroom the other day and knew full well his sister was still in there. He had hoped to find her still naked in the shower to get a glimpse of the body he had fantasized about so many times, but was disappointed to find her wrapped in a towel and just running the shower to use up the rest of the hot water on him. Now he was being given permission to stare as much as he wanted...and he wanted. He moved closer to his sister and openly looked down into her cleavage, sighing out loud as he watched her chest rise and fall with every breath she took. 

"They um, are really REALLY nice," he said.

"Yeah, the guys really like them. They definitely get me what I want," she responded coyly while curling her hair around her finger.

"And uh, what is it you want, little sis?" asked Jack, swallowing hard.

"This big bro..." Nikki's playful shy smile turned into a wicked grin as she stomped her boot heel onto her brother's bare foot, causing him to scream loudly. Nikki had really wanted to knee him in the balls at that moment, but that wouldn't have brought their mother running into the room.

And run she did. Startled awake by some howling from the kitchen Janet nearly fell off the sofa, and grabbed her head as the pain of the migraine coursed through her, pounding away with ever yell from her son. What the fuck was his problem NOW?!? 

Jack was cursing at his sister loudly, unaware that his mother was standing in the doorway to the kitchen looking like she could murder someone. Nikki did see her mom and watched as she made purposeful strides towards Jack. This was the moment Nikki was waiting for. Before Janet could reach Jack to deliver another nut cruncher, Nikki took a step back and then swung her leg forward...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

War Is Hell

War Is Hell

By: Caligula

Jeff awoke to bright lights in his eyes and a groggy feeling in his brain. He wasn’t sure where he was or how he got here, where ever here was. He could make out a vague shape sitting by the side of his…was he in a bed? Why was he in a bed? Who carried him here? Last he recalled he was with his sister in the park. He shook his head, trying to clear away the cobwebs and squinted at the shape on his right. It was his sister, Jenny. She was grinning at him like the cat that swallowed the canary. 

“What? What happened” Jeff asked, slurring his words a bit. “Where are we?”

Jenny laughed. “You’re in a hospital. Where did you THINK you were?”

“But how…how did I get here?” Jeff was so confused.

“I had to call for an ambulance after I kicked you in the balls!” she responded with obvious delight in her voice. “Don’t you remember? You passed out pretty quickly so maybe you don’t. But it was pretty funny!”

“What did they do? Did they check everything out? Am I ok? I don’t feel anything down there.” he said.

Jenny’s grin got wider and she was giving him that smug superior chuckle that drove him crazy. “You don’t feel anything because they had to cut your balls off!”

“What?!?” Jeff panicked tried to sit up too quickly and became ill, probably from the drugs they had pumped into him. “But they can’t!” 

“Well they can and they did after I gave them permission,” Jenny gloated with glee. “Pretty much your balls were crushed after I got them with the toe of my sneaker and there wasn’t anything they could do to save them.” Jenny was enjoying this more than she should be, but given her recently revealed sadistic nature Jeff wasn’t too surprised.

The loss he felt was more severe than he could have thought. He’d never be able to have kids, never get off on feet or ball busting anymore…ball busting, ugh. This is what got him here in the first place. His own sister telling the doctors they could cut his nuts off. It was so humiliating. Just hours ago he would have fantasized about Jenny doing something like this to him, but now that it was a reality he didn’t know what to feel. Anger? Humiliation? Sadness? He looked over at Jenny, who was still laughing and making mocking faces at him, and thought about the events of last night that led him to the position he was now in…


Jeff and Jenny were brother and sister, separated in age by two years. Jeff was in his mid 30’s and Jenny just behind him. They grew up with a lot of sibling rivalry  and they fought often as kids. Jenny always had a short temper and didn’t understand Jeff’s sarcastic ways. Even to this day she could be extremely moody. It had never really gotten very physical between them because they knew it would go badly for them with their parents.

Now that they were both older they were trying their best to get along and had decided to go on vacation together. At Jeff’s suggestion they had gone to a little hotel near a state park where they could do some hiking and just get away from the hustle and bustle. They were here now, each resting on their respective bed watching television and relaxing from a long day of walking through the woods and Jenny watching Jeff taking photos and videos with his camera.

Jeff glanced sideways at his sister on her bed and looked at her bare feet flexing back and forth on the blankets. What Jenny didn’t know was that Jeff had a huge foot fetish and had always adored her feet. Maybe fantasized about them was a better way to put it. Her toenails were unpainted and her soles looked so soft. What he wouldn’t give to lick them morning noon and night every day for the rest of his life, and had 30 odd years of blue balls to attest to his devotion. His perversion went even deeper though as his mind wandered from licking his sister’s soles to imagining her kicking him in the balls with those very same feet. Jeff had a ball busting fetish and his sister was numero uno in his daily and nightly fantasies. Just one kick, he thought, so he could jerk off to the memory for ever and always.

It was at this moment that in the movie they were watching the heroine kicked her boyfriend in the balls. His eyes crossed, he warbled in a high pitched falsetto voice, and slowly sunk to the ground all the while maintaining eye contact with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was grinning from ear to ear as she looked her man in the eyes as he collapsed in slow motion. She then turned to the camera, smiled and said “War is hell!”

Jenny started laughing hard and kept saying “War is hell! War is hell!” over and over. “Yeah it was hell for THAT guy!”

Jeff tried to chuckle along with her as the moment was a bit awkward and he didn’t know how to react.

Jenny continued on excitedly. “The funniest thing is he didn’t even deserve it! She just kicked him in the balls for no reason. I mean she just kicked him right in the balls, you know?” She giggled and looked at Jeff expectantly.

“Yeah, movies make no sense sometimes,” he replied lamely. Why did he feel like he was missing a golden opportunity? He had played a scenario like this in his head many times and hw he hoped it would play out, and here they were alone and he was chickening out! Well that was it, he was just going to ask her if she had ever kicked a guy in the balls before and hope the rest of the conversation would play out to his advantage.

He cleared his throat and opened his mouth to ask, realizing hi face was beet red with embarrassment, when Jenny beat him to the punch. “Well have YOU ever been kicked in the balls before?”

He sat there open mouthed, his script thrown off now that Jenny had turned the tables on him.

“What? Don’t you remember?” she pressed further.

He needed a moment to recover, but was afraid to play dumb for too long for fear his sister would move on to another topic. “I’m thinking.”

“You have to think if you got kicked in the balls before?” she asked incredulously.

“Well there was one time when my ex, Melanie, and I were playing around and she kept trying to knee me there.” He couldn’t bring himself to actually SAY balls to his sister…it was just too humiliating.

“So she didn’t actually get you?” Jenny asked.

“Well I kept covering up. She got me a little bit but it didn’t really hurt like you’d think.” He needed to press further though and see where he could take this…probably no place but he had to try. “Soooo have you ever kicked a guy there,” he spit it out, “you know, in the balls?” He was so red in the face, he knew.

Jenny made a nervous laugh at his question before she responded. “Nooo, I never did growing up.” She paused. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to kick a guy in the balls though.”

He loved that she kept saying “balls”. He like the way she said it a bit differently than if she said football or basketball…it was almost like “bawl”. It sounded different to his ears when she was talking about nuts.

He looked at the tv again and said, “Yeah, I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to get kicked in the balls.”

Please please please pick up on it, Jenny!!! He was mentally crossing his fingers while wondering what the hell was he doing?

Jenny seemed uncomfortable but took the bait as he laid it out. “Well, I could kick you and then we would both know what it’s like.”

“Yeah I don’t think so,” he said a bit too quickly. DAMN! He just fucked it up! But he was embarrassed and uncomfortable and he panicked. He needed to recover, and fast. “Well don’t know if I could trust you not to kick me too hard.”

“Oh come on I’ll just kick like half strength,” she said.

Jeff didn’t want to seem too eager but it was now or never. “Okay, but hey, why don’t we film it with my camera and act out that scene from the movie. At least then we’ll have something funny to watch once we get home.”

“Yeah that sounds good, as long as I get a copy!”


Jeff’s blood was pumping in his ears as he set up the video camera and mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen. Wow just live though this humiliating experience and he’ll have a jack off keepsake worthy of the best internet porn sites!

They stood facing each other in front of the camera.

“Well,” began Jeff, “we should act it out a couple times to make sure we know what we’re going to do cause we’re probably only to get one take at this.”

“What I can’t keep kicking you in the balls if I forget my lines?” laughed Jenny. She didn’t seem to be having the same shyness about this as he did.

They stood there and Jenny slowly lifted her leg and let her bare foot hang in the air near the V in his crotch, but not connecting with his organs. She lowered her leg back down and watched with a grin as Jeff crossed then uncrossed his eyes and went down slowly to his knees, pretending to be in pain.

“You have to do the soprano voice!” Jenny insisted.

God this was humiliating! He complied though and he squeaked out a high pitched wail, causing Jenny to laugh at him. Then Jenny looked at the camera and said her one line, “War is hell!”

Jeff got up and they acted it out in slow motion a few more times to make sure it went smoothly, and quite honestly so Jeff could get even this on film and get his rocks off. He was just glad his pants were baggy enough to hide the erection he had.

“Okay enough practice! Let’s just do it already!” Jenny said excitedly.

“Okay, fine,” Jeff tried to sound reluctant. “Whenever you’re ready.”

“Start….now!” Jenny said. Jeff stood there with his legs parted slightly and Jenny pulled her leg back. Then suddenly she snapped her foot forward and kicked her brother square in the balls. Jenny grinned from ear to ear as Jeff let out an OOOMPH and leaned forward slightly. He hadn’t expected her to kick that hard and while he did his best to cross his eyes and stay in character he was having a hard time staying focused. His knees began to buckle and he did make a soft girlie hoarse whisper and he sank to his knees. He kept looking at his sister though and watched as she turned to the camera, shrugged and smiled and aid, “Fighting is hell!”

“Oh fuck! I fucked up my line!” she pouted. “Fuck I want to get his right! Let’s do it again!”

Did he hear correctly? It was hard to hear over his whimper but did Jenny really want to do it again? Man this was too good to be true!

“Oh shit! Okay but get it right this time.” Jeff chuckled so she wouldn’t think it hurt too badly.

Jeff got back to his feet and they lined up again. For a second time Jenny kicked her brother in the balls with her instep only this time Jeff didn’t even try to cross his eyes and he went down much more quickly and without the soprano squeal. Jenny stamped her foot. “Oh come on! You didn’t make the goofy face and you forgot to sing soprano! Do over one more time!”

On the third try Jenny wasn’t happy with her placement of the kick, although it all seemed the same to Jeff. On the fourth she felt the whimper wasn’t high pitched enough. On the fifth he wasn’t looking her in the eyes on the way down to her toes, and then there were several where she couldn’t remember her lines JUST right…fuck it was only three words!

“War is bullshit!”

“War is war!”

“War is stupid!”

Finally on the tenth take they both managed to get it right, although Jeff thought he might puke from the sickening feeling in his abdomen.


After Jeff finally get off the floor he managed to lay himself on Jenny’s bed down near her feet, as she played the footage back on the camera several times.

“Oh man I really got you that time! Oooohhhhh! Man that one was good! You look so funny!” she squealed with delight.

“So what did you think? Was it what you expected?” he asked.

Jenny didn’t say anything and kept watching the video. Did he do something wrong? Why was it getting awkward now when moments before it had been so playful? Did she suspect? 

She was clearly uncomfortable and he was trying to figure out what he would say or do to try and get out of this awkward situation when Jenny broke the silence.

“Ugh! Oh my god I can’t even believe I’m telling you this, but….FUCK! I can’t even say it! She was clearly embarrassed and frustrated. But what did SHE have to be embarrassed about?

“What? Just say it.”

“Ugh! Okay fine. To me…kicking a guy in the balls…is like a turn on.”

Jeff sat there stunned but only for a moment. “Really? Oh my god me too! Well I mean me getting kicked turns me on!”

“Really? Well I feel bad because kicking YOU in the balls turned me on…and I really like the way it feels, but it’s like so wrong.” She never looked at him, but kept watching the footage play over and over on the camera.

“Well I know what you mean. It feels weird getting turned on by your sister, even weirder that I get turned on by you kicking me in the nuts.”

“But isn’t it wrong? It just doesn’t seem right,” she said.

“We’re not having sex…I would never do that. So what’s wrong with making each other feel good? Man I can’t believe that you like kicking balls!”

She finally looked up at him and sheepishly grinned. “I can’t believe you like getting your balls KICKED, dork!”

“Okay one other confession!” Jeff was going to get it all out now.

“Oh shit what now?” she playfully asked.

“I have always had a foot fetish and I would let you cut my balls off just to sniff and lick your feet!”

“Be careful because I just MIGHT cut your tiny balls off!” She looked down at her feet and wiggled her toes. “FINE! Go ahead and lick them, but you know I haven’t showered yet and we were hiking all day so do it at your own risk!”

Jeff smiled and brought his face close to his sister’s soles, pressing his nose against the ball of her foot and inhaling deeply. Hi erection was straining so painfully against his pants now it was driving him crazy, and the rubbing of it against the fabric was stimulating him. 

“Eeeewwww!!!!” Jenny yelled. “They have to smell nasty!” She laughed at him and continued doing so as he started licking her feet up and down her soft stinky soles, giving his sister’s feet their very first tongue bath. 

Jenny continued musing out loud about ball busting. “Could you imagine how much it would hurt if I DID cut your balls off? Ooofff! Snip snip and your balls would be in a jar!”

Jeff paused off and on in his licking to answer her and keep her talking about what was obviously an exciting topic for both of them. “Well would you use scissors? A knife?”

“Scissors would be cool!” Suddenly it was like talking about busting balls with your brother while he licked a days worth of sweat off your feet was as normal as breathing. There was no more holding back….it was time to get their fantasies out in the open. “Like what if I cut your sack off and just left the balls dangling so I could play with them?”

“Ouch! I always knew you were sadistic! I wish I had fought harder with you as a kid so you would have gotten angry and kicked me in the balls. I could have been enjoying this for years!”

“Hahaha! Yeah I could have kicked you in my stilettos and prom dress in high school. I would have been at the prom getting lucky and you would have been home realizing you could never have kids. Ha!”

“I’ve always fantasized about laying my balls on a coffee table or chair or something and you get up there and step on them with your high heels and then your barefeet.”

“CRUNCH! I’ve thought about that too! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve played with myself thinking about slowly popping your balls by standing on them. Oh man that’s so hot! I wonder if they would make a crunching sound, like crushing walnuts? Do you think they would?” She asked.

“That would be awesome if they would! I’ll have to add some crunching noises to that video we just made!”

Jeff looked up from his sister’s feet and saw her hand had slipped into her lose fitting shorts and he could see the outline of her fingers moving through the thin fabric. “I’m going to go put my pajama pants on cause these jeans are getting uncomfortable!”


Jeff came back from changing and pulled a chair up beside the bed and sat down in it. Jenny swung her feet over to him and plopped them in his lap, causing him to squeak. He faked a high pitched comical voice, “I think you just castrated me! Oh my balls!!!”

Jenny laughed and shoved her feet down a bit harder. Her right foot found his dick and started to gently rub it while Jeff massaged her other foot. Her hand snaked back down into her shorts and together they were in bliss. “I’d love to kick you in the balls with the pointy toe of my high heels, jut over and over again until your balls are paste and they’re completely ruined. Would you like that?” Her breathing was getting heavy.

“Yes that would be so hot! I want to be your nutless eunuch, and have you wear my balls like hey are earrings and have you make a coin purse out of my sack! Ohhhhh!” Jeff was really enjoying his sister’s teasing foot.

“Or I could dress up in my old cheerleader outfit and do high kicks to your nuts while I cheer. Hey! Are your balls shaved?”

“No, getting a razor near my nuts is not something I think I can do…what if my hand shakes? Ha!”

“Let me do it! Le me shave them! Please! Let me shave your balls!” she whined with pouty lips, all the while jacking his dick off with that delicious foot.

“Oh man,” he said hoarsely, his sister’s foot making it difficult to think and talk at the same time. “Okay.”

She removed her stroking foot and pulled Jeff to his feet. He shyly lowered his pajama bottoms and boxers while she got his razor out of his bag.

“What? No lotion” he asked, surprised?

“How am I supposed to keep a tight grip on your balls if they are all slippery”

Jeff shrugged and drew a sharp intake of breath as his sister’s hand tightly grabbed his balls and she dragged him to the sink where she turned the hot water on. She got down on her knees in front of him and reached her hand holding the razor over the sink basin and let the warm H2O prepare the blade. She looked up at him and grinned before squeezing his balls hard and tugging them downward away from his body. 

“Am I pulling hard enough on the cords? Hahaha! I so want to rip them free from your body!”

“Ugh! About a quarter inch further and you WILL rip my balls from the cords! Oh god I can feel it in my stomach! You’ve got the cords stretched to the limit!”

“Haha! Good!” She brought the blade to his testicles and squeezed the balls as tightly as she could, forcing them into the bottom of the sack and stretching the skin so she had a viable surface over which to scrape the razor. “What if I slip and cut them off? Would you let me keep your balls so I could have them dipped in gold and made into toerings? I’ll keep one and give one to mom! Ha!” She expertly rimmed his ball sack with the sharp razor, removing the hair from his ballbag as she fantasized about castrating her brother.

“They’re your balls sis. God that would be so sexy though, watching you and mom wear my balls! Man you know how to turn me on!”

“I’m turning myself on too!”

The rest of that of that night they spent teasing each other, coming up with ideas for all the sadistic ways Jenny could go about bursting her brother’s balls. Right before going to bed Jenny kicked Jeff one more time in his naked shaved balls, while she went back to frigging herself while watching him squirm in pain. He fell asleep curled up at her feet, her big toe in his mouth like a pacifier.


The next morning started with a knee to Jeff’s tender balls and more fingering of pussy. She loved fingering herself as much as she liked kicking balls apparently. Jenny joined Jeff in the shower and she allowed him to soap up her ass and tits but stopped him short of touching her pussy. She loved that he was hard, even as she kneed his balls again and made him say thank you and kiss her knee as dropped to the floor of the tub holding his aching orbs. 

Today in the back of the hotel they discovered an unused playground and Jenny hopped onto the swing and had Jeff push her from behind. Not too high, just enough that he understood his place as her servant now. Suddenly she planted her feet on the ground and stopped her forward momentum.

“I’ve got an awesome idea!” she yelled. “Stand in front of me!”

Jeff knew immediately what she had planned and grew another hard on inside his pants. “Oh man I know what you’re going to do.”

“I’m going to kick you in the nuts, silly.” She showed Jeff where to stand so she could build up enough forward movement on the swing. “I want to make sure I do enough damage!” she gleefully explained.

She started off in a small pendulum like arc as she worked her legs, feet clad in her sneakers, back and forth. Jenny’s eyes flitted from her brother’s balls to his eyes and back again. Jeff for his part stood there with a sheepish expression on his face. This was a fantasy come true for him but it was still embarrassing to have his sister kicking his balls and being so vocal about wanting to rob him of his manhood.

Probably about 20 swings into her ride her feet came within about a half inch of his balls, so they both knew the next time she came forward she was going to explode his world. Jenny licked her lips in anticipation while Jeff gulped in fear. She reached the rear of her arc on the swing and hung there for just the briefest of seconds and sung out loudly, “Bye bye balls!” and then she started into her forward swing, legs extended, toes of her sneakers pointed. Jeff to his credit never flinched, but watched the look of pure joy on his sister’s face as her feet came forward at speeds that would not normally be possible.


Jenny’s feet impacted her brother’s balls with such force that they both actually heard a crunch and Jenny dismounted the swing and ran, giggling, to Jeff’s side. She looked at him and said “War is hell!” and then Jeff vomited all over the ground and collapsed faster than a snowman on the sun. He actually vomited a second time and then dry heaved for several moments. Laying on his side he could see the tips of Jenny’s sneakers about two feet from his face, and his eyes traveled upwards to see her fingers inside her shorts again, tickling her mound as she gasped quietly and her knees buckled as her fingers found a good spot and picked up their pace. It was at this time that Jeff passed out.


Jeff sat there in the hospital, remembering it all now, and feeling that this all would have been better left a fantasy. “They really couldn’t save them? There was nothing they could do?” he whimpered.

Jenny was loving it. “Well, I didn’t call them RIGHT away. If you remember my fingers were busy doing more important things than dialing a cell phone so you could get your balls saved. God I came so hard! In fact I came five times! It’s a shame you can’t cum…I was going to give you a foot job under the table at dinner tonight. They mentioned they could have saved your balls if we had gotten here 30 minutes sooner, but how was I supposed to know that? I swear I only fingered myself for no more than 45 minutes off and on. Oh it was so good!”

Jeff couldn’t believe his sister masturbated herself to orgasm over and over again while his balls lay dieing on the dusty park ground. “My balls are gone,” he said quietly.

Jenny laughed even harder and shoved his shoulder. “I’m just fucking with you! They didn’t cut your balls off, even though that would have been cool! Dork! I just wanted to see the look on your face if you thought I had you castrated, and trust me my fingers will be working overtime on the car ride back to the hotel…you’re driving!”

“Are you serious? I still have my balls? But I heard them crunch!” Jeff wasn’t ready yet to complete believe his sister was telling the truth. Maybe this was more of her sadistic plan.

“I know wasn’t that neat?!? I didn’t think you could really crunch a set of balls but I guess you can!”

“But I can’t feel anything down there.”

“Duh! They gave you a shot in your balls for the pain after they operated on them and put them back together, Humpty Dumpty. I guess I really did crush them. I can‘t wait to watch the tape on that one!” she gushed wistfully. “The nurse got a giggle out of your shaved sack though. Don’t worry, I told her you were a perv like that.”

“Oh thank god they could save them! No more playing like that for a while. I need to let them heal.”

“That’s fine, but I’ve got another great idea. I read online it takes 110 pounds of pressure to pulp a guy’s balls…who comes up with that shit? But anyway, we’re going to play a new game once you’re better! It’s called Guess My Weight!”

Jeff cringed but his dick was getting hard thinking about it. Jenny slipped her hand under the sheet covering her brother and cupped his balls in her hand. “War is hell.” And she smiled.